Monday, June 13, 2011

Uudam (乌达木 - Wudamu), Mongolian's Boy sings for China's Got Talent

Uudam, a 12-year old young boy from Mongolia, took part in China's Got Talent. He lost his parents at the age of 8. His parents died in a road accident. Whenever he misses his parents, he will sing a Mongolian song called "Mother in the dream" (梦中的额吉). 额吉 (e-ji) means mama in Mongolian. Sometimes he will dream that his mother sitting beside him. 

When his mother was alive, she hoped that he would sing on the stage one day. The boy has a beautiful great dream that is to invent a kind of ink. With just a drop of ink, the whole world will covered with green grass. Now, he has fulfilled one of his mother's dream, "singing on the stage". 

Everybody was touched by his touching voice singing for his mother. Even the Annie Yi (伊能靜 - Yi Neng Jing), who was the jury of this programme, gave him a warm hug. She said, "You may call me Yi-mama". Let's wish all the best for this boy.

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