Sunday, April 17, 2011

Indonesia's Talented Bollywood Policeman

A few days ago, while browsing internet, I found a video showing an Indonesian policeman of Gorontalo called Briptu Norman Kamaru. He loves singing and dancing like a bollywood artist. On regular working days, he usually sings and acts like a bollywood star does. You'll find how funny he is when you see his video.

But, perhaps he has talent on it, his friend took a video of him singing and dancing in the office, and then uploaded to youtube. On the video, you can see he lipsync the song Chhaiya Chhaiya (song of the film Dil Se) very perfectly, just like a real bollywood singer.

He was then interviewed on TV and caught the attention of the people of Indonesia, also the world through youtube and other video sharing site. Now, he's quite popular though. You can often see him on appear on TV singing those bollywood songs.

Now compare Briptu Norman Kamaru's expression with the original one below.

Lipsync version by Kamaru

Original Bollywood version

Friday, April 15, 2011

Lu Rui En (盧瑞恩) Official Fan's Club

The new Singapore drama serial of Channel 8, "The In-Laws" 麻婆鬥婦, starred by my favorite actress, Lu Rui En (盧瑞恩) has just been on TV. For this reason, I think maybe lots of her fans (especially those new fans) are also looking for her information. You probably are also one of her fans since you arrived on this blog. Are you looking for Rui En's photos, music, fan's club, news and other information about her?

If so, you can try reading about her on this information on wikipedia or directly go to her fan's club here.
At that fan's club, you can easily get information on her latest drama, music album, also find her videos on Youtube and  information on Facebook. The fan's club is also connected to Twitter.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Kinder Surprise Egg - Stop Motion Animation

I love computer animation, so that I usually search for stop motion animation from Youtube. Stop motion animation is animation that is created by combining many stop motion pictures into a video. That's like taking a lot of pictures with a camera and put them sequentially. The object of the animation is moved slowly to make the feeling of movement. Frame by frame is then joined together. People usually create stop motion animation from clay like Play-Doh.

It's also easier to make than other kind of animation. But, you still need creativity and patience in making such video. Below is one of the nice videos of stop motion animation I found on youtube. They use Kinder Surprise Egg for the animation. Enjoy this animation now!

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