Sunday, February 20, 2011

Jet Li, Champion of wushu (Chung Quan), China, 1978

You probably have ever watched many Jet Li's martial art movies. But you probably never watch him in his competition in wushu of China in 1978. He got the champion of Chung Quan and here's the video. Let's watch Jet Li in his teenage performing Chung Quan.

Jet Lee (李连杰) demonstrates his skill on Howie Mandel Show

Who doesn't know Jet Lee? He's one of the great martial art movie super star from China. He once attended Howie Mandel Show and demonstrates his skill. Let's watch how he show off his Chinese kungfu. Watch carefully what happened to the desk! The audience were shocked by his powerful legs.

Stephen Chow sings funnily in Shaolin Soccer Movie

Have you ever watched Stephen Chow singing? Stephen Chow (Zhou Xing Chi - 周星驰) is a comedy actor who is also well-known as a director nowadays. But, you probably never see him singing. Yes, perhaps he never. But you can see him singing in many scene of movies. Here's one of them. It's a funny movie scene in Shaolin Soccer (少林足球).

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