Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Caring others when dining together

One of the most common things people do when dating is having meal together. Usually men will say "No matter how busy, you still need to have lunch". This is a common phrase they would say to have meals with women they like.

When I was watching TV just now, I realized that the male actor was so caring. He noticed what the woman didn't like to eat and slowly, patiently moving the food toppings from the woman's plate to his plate. The woman was also surprised that they just knew each other, yet he cared even the little things.

Well, this is one of all the important things, but people usually don't take notice on. Although, this was shown on TV as dating scene, it should also be applied in our daily life for our parents. Parents have taken care of us since we were babies. They also take every notice on when we were young, giving us special care. But perhaps, we almost take no notice about their daily life. Do you understand what I am going to say? Yes, that's what we have forgotten - the filial piety.
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