Monday, June 27, 2011

Alex Wong and Twitch (Twilex) Top 9 Hip Hop to NappyTab

On the TV dance program "So You Think You Can Dance", Alex Wong, a 22-year old ballet dancer from Miami, FL. together with Twitch received a great applause from audience and the judges. Never expected that the judges would say something like the greatest applause or the longest applause in "So You Think You Can Dance".

Alex Wong is actually from Vancouver, Canada with Miami, FL city ballet. He's a professional ballet dancer who participated in the program and performed hip hop with the greatest applause ever. He took on Tabitha and Napoleon D’umo's hiphop routine. Tabitha and Napoleon Dumo are choreographers also called as NappyTab.

This video consists of two videos of dance by Alex himself and another one with Twitch. Watch Alex Wong great and amazing hip hop dance performance on this show. You can also listen to the background music RULE THE PLANET: PLANET OF THE APES (soundtrack) on the first video. And OUTTA YOUR MIND on the second video. Click here for the video.

Friday, June 24, 2011

What can you buy with money?

"What can you buy with money?" is a very common question people will ask when thinking about money in every day. Some people will become so attach in getting more and more money, while some people will the meaning of money in other perception.

Well, I'm not going to discuss about "what money is" with you. But let me ask you a question. Do you believe that money can buy "Anything" and "Whatever"? I can tell you surely that Money can buy "Anything" and "Whatever" especially in Singapore. Don't believe? Watch this commercial, and you'll know why I said so about money!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

SMAP Tsuyoshi Kusanagi - Funny version of Joshi Juni Gakubou video

"Joshi Juni Gakubou" is the 12 Women Band of Japanese (女子十二乐坊). This band is so popular in Japanese. When you search at youtube, you'll probably get another funny version starring "Tsuyoshi Kusanagi" that plays the roles of the 12 Women. Simply saying, this funny video is the spoof clone version of the real Joshi Juni Gakubou 12 Women Band.

Tsuyoshi Kusanagi is one of the member of SMAP which is a famous band of 5 singers. Tsuyoshi Kusanagi is also famous as actor. His serial dramas that I like best is "Love with Super Star" (愛上大明星), together with Norika Fujiwara (藤原紀香) and "Food Fight" (フードファイト Fūdo Faito) together with Kyoko Fukada (深田恭子).

Now watch the two different version of Juni Gakubou.

Joshi Juni Gakubou (original version)

Tsuyoshi Juni Gakubou (funny version)

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Funny Thailand Slimming Green Tea Commercial

There many kinds of slimming products, from plum, coffee, green tea, etc. Thailand is one of the world countries that also produces slimming products. And green tea is one of the most commonly used in slimming. Here's a very funny video commercial about slimming green tea.

Funny Japanese Sushi Commercial

Guess, how funny this sushi commercial is! You know sushi and perhaps you've never watched any sushi commercial. Watch this!

Funny Wash Your Ball with AXE Detailer Commercial

Ever wonder how you can easily clean your balls? Watch this commercial of AXE Detailer, telling you how you can wash your ball easily, from golf ball, tennis ball, football, etc.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Sponge Bob sings Justin Bieber's song "Baby"

You must know Justin Bieber's song "Baby". It's great song. But have you ever watched the "Baby" MTV in SpongeBob version?

Here's the funny video of Spongebob "Baby".

Compare with the original Justin Bieber "Baby"

Friday, June 17, 2011

How to make a secret magic light bulb that only you can light up?

You probably ever watch magician who performs the magic trick of lighting up a light bulb, and you wonder how it works. If this is about the magic light bulb magic tool, then you can search for it at magic store. But can we make it by ourselves? In fact, this is made with little modification or little hack on the real light bulb.

Watch how to make a secret magic light bulb here:

Or buy one here:

Magic Trick on how to move a pen without touching it

Do you want to perform magic with just a pen and your mind? Well, you can learn this simple magic trick and  baffles your friends. With only a simple and a little preparation for the pen, you can do magic trick which moves the pen without touching it.

This trick uses "static electricity" theory in performing. All you need to do is to rub the pen on a dry cloth or rub it on hair, your hair or the fur of cat. Put the pen on a salt shaker, and start putting your hand close to the pen. See, it will move. And that's easy. You can probably think of more magic trick by using "static electricity" theory.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

"Palace - The Locked Heart Jade" (宫 - 锁心玉) - free watch online / download

Recently, on TVBS programme, there's a great drama serial. The title is "Palace - The Locked Heart Jade" (宫 - 锁心玉 - Gong - Suo Xin Yu). This drama serial is categorized in historical drama, science fiction, romance genre. I love watching historical romance of ancient China especially when it has the taste of Science Fiction. 

When I watched it just for a while, it suddenly reminded me of "A step into the past" (尋秦記 - Qun Qin Jin), a famous drama serial starred by Louis Ku (古天樂Gu Tian Le) about travelling to the Qin dynasty era. And also reminded me of another movie of the western called "Back to the Future". Perhaps this is the Chinese version of "Back To The Future" in drama serial. That's what I think,  even though they have different plot and background.

So, are you keen on searching where you can watch online or where you can download "Palace - The Locked Heart Jade" drama serial? 

You can watch this drama on Tudou. Click here for the playlist of this drama. If you haven't installed Tudou Accelerator, click here to download the Tudou video accelerator program, so that you can watch it smoothly. The program will boost your internet video streaming.

You can also watch on Youtube by typing "锁心玉1"  on the search box. Then for the episode, you can just change the episode number. And then click on the thumbnail to start watching. You can also download it with your Youtube downloader.

Here's episode 1 of “Palace - The Locked Heart Jade” from Youtube.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Young Einstein

Ever watched Young Einstein? I watched it many years ago. Recently, while I was searching for science stuff and Einstein, I came across a funny scene of Young Einstein on youtube. Don't know which part it was. But watching it will make you laugh and laugh. Let's watch this funny video.

Stephen Chow and Shaolin Soccer Friends in Mc Donald's Commercial

I believe you must have ever watched Shaolin Soccer, one of the greatest movie of Stephen Chow. But do you know Stephen Chow and his friends in the movie also ever played in Mc Donald's set meal commercial? This must be a funny commercial. I believe the commercial producer must have thought of inviting Stephen Chow for this commercial because of his popular Shaolin Soccer. And that's why inviting Stephen Chow and  friends for this commercial will boost their business. Let's watch this funny Mc Donald commercial!

A free lesson on American Word Stress

Are you feeling stressed learning word stress? Then, probably this video will provide a little help. In English language, words have their own pronunciation. And learning "stressed syllables" is really a must in order to speak proper English.

In this video, you can learn how to pronounce and you'll find some tricks on recognizing the stressed words. However, you may need to prepare a dictionary, so you can check the words while learning. Have fun learning American English!

Monday, June 13, 2011

Uudam (乌达木 - Wudamu), Mongolian's Boy sings for China's Got Talent

Uudam, a 12-year old young boy from Mongolia, took part in China's Got Talent. He lost his parents at the age of 8. His parents died in a road accident. Whenever he misses his parents, he will sing a Mongolian song called "Mother in the dream" (梦中的额吉). 额吉 (e-ji) means mama in Mongolian. Sometimes he will dream that his mother sitting beside him. 

When his mother was alive, she hoped that he would sing on the stage one day. The boy has a beautiful great dream that is to invent a kind of ink. With just a drop of ink, the whole world will covered with green grass. Now, he has fulfilled one of his mother's dream, "singing on the stage". 

Everybody was touched by his touching voice singing for his mother. Even the Annie Yi (伊能靜 - Yi Neng Jing), who was the jury of this programme, gave him a warm hug. She said, "You may call me Yi-mama". Let's wish all the best for this boy.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Shu Qi Head & Shoulders Shampoo Commercial

This is a video from Youtube showing Hsu Qi in a shampoo commercial, Head and Shoulders. She is one of the Taiwanese actress who always becomes a model in many Chinese commercials, especially beauty care products commercial.

Funny Piano Stairs

Do you take the stairs or the escalators? I think more people will take escalators when they are not in a hurry? Perhaps they think it's convenient enough when they don't have to walk or run up the stairs which save them lots of energy. Maybe walking in the shopping mall is tiring.

Taking the escalators probably has become a very common thing, you can call it a habit. But, people who live nowadays in hectic daily, when try to take the stairs to go up, may probably call as doing exercise, too. If you work as a blue collar, perhaps you don't have much time doing exercises. But, why not walking up the stairs to do exercise.

I think when people find that walking up the stairs have a different way to do, they will probably try the stairs. And that's mean we need creativity and innovation on making the stairs more fun.

Here's a funny video about Piano Stairs, which means every step of the staircase will produce a tune. When you walk or run up the stairs, you also make tunes. Or you can say that you are also creating music by walking up the stairs using the great piano. How can you create music with this giant piano stairs?

The World's Funniest and Deepest Rubbish Bin

We see many people littering all along the street every day. If only throwing litter into the bin can be more interesting and fun, maybe people will throw the litter in the bin, rather than littering anywhere. Perhaps this is a matter of habit. How fun can you think of about throwing rubbish into the rubbish bin?

Here's a video about a new idea on creating unusual rubbish bin. The rubbish bin was installed sound device that will detect things thrown inside and then produce a sound where you get the idea that the rubbish you throw in was into a very deep rubbish bin. So, I call this a very funny, cool and deep rubbish bin.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

How did Fiona Fung get into show business?

You must know Fiona Fung (馮曦妤), a famous female singer from Hong Kong. Her name in Romaji is Feng Xi Yu (also Fung Hei Yu). She was born on 14th December 1983 in Hong Kong. She is not only a talented singer, but also very talented in writing song lyrics. She has produced more than 200 music for TV commercial use. How talented she is.

Fiona Fung started her career when she was introduced to composer Chan Kwok-wing when she was only 16 years old. She joined Chan's Studio and then she started to produce music for TV ads. She also works as a background singer and demo singer for artists. She even contributed her talents for several Dreamworks Animation. In 2003, she sang her famous commercial song "Proud of You", which made her even more famous. And in 2008, she joined Sony Music and started her first personal album "A little love" and her second album "Sweet Melody".

Buy Insurance to Ensure Your Perfect Wedding Day

How to plan and to ensure that you have a perfect wedding day? Do you hire a wedding planner? I think hiring a wedding planner is something quite common. But have you ever heard of Insurance for Perfect Wedding Day? This is probably a new product for couples who are getting married.

This product is to protect your loss against wedding expenses, such as in case of the restaurant bankrupt, and other expenses uncovered in the planning. This product is quite interesting. And perhaps the Insurance companies are getting niche market from wedding couples. See the interview video below to understand more about wedding insurance.

How many Bruce Lee clone actors have your ever seen?

Are you a Bruce Lee fan? If you are, I think you must have ever watch Jason Scott Lee who acts in Dragon, a movie that epics parts of Bruce Lee's life many years ago. About three years ago, there was a serial movie that really tells you biography of Bruce Lee from his teenage till his death. Remember that movie starred by Danny Chan, a Hong Kong martial art actor? In fact, this movie was produced by a China movie company although Danny Cha is a Hong Kong actor.

And many years ago, David Wu, a Hong Kong star has also starred a serial movie about Bruce Lee, which seemed to be a lot different from the recently Danny Chan's version.

Some movies produced by Bruce Lee himself also ever reproduced with a little different in the title by many movie producers. And then acted by Sammo Hung, Donny Yen, Jet Lee and other martial art actors.

If you want more information about the clone actors of Bruce Lee, you may click here.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Woman unpurposely pushes a locker and create lockers domino effect

This is a funny video of a woman who unpurposely pushes a locker. She was aware that the locker she pushes hit another one and thus creating domino effect. How funny it is. Can we say she is a super woman with super strength?

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Funny copier machine robot does pregnancy yoga

Copier machine can sometimes jam when you use low quality paper. That’s why you need standard quality paper to keep your work running smoothly. And that’s why there are so many people using Double A Double Quality Paper. This kind of paper will reduce the possibility of paper jam or even never jam in use.  Let’s watch this funny commercial about the copier machine and paper.

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