Tuesday, August 31, 2010

World's Biggest Man

This video is an interview with the world's biggest Chinese man. He's tall actually. You can compare to the German who is interviewing him. Watch this video.

World's scariest eye balls

Very weird tongue of the world

How long and how thick a tongue could be? Have you ever seen a man with very big and long tongue? This is a weird one. Watch this video.

Dancing Traffic Cop of Abuja, Nigeria (video)

Most traffic cops seem to be stern in guiding the traffic. That's what we have seen in mostly any countries. But there are certain countries, such as Philipines and Nigeria which the traffic cops guide the traffic in a funny manner. What funny manner? That's dancing in the middle of the road, guiding the traffic. Don't believe? Watch this video.

Monday, August 30, 2010

A very funny song from a Hong Kong movie

Hi, all. I found a very funny song and want to share with you. It's actually from a Hong Kong Movie. I can't imagine how your girlfriend will react after listening you sing this love song to her.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Bruce Lee - free java games download

Do you like Bruce Lee, the great master of Chinese kung fu and also the founder of Jeet-kune-do? If you also like playing mobile games, I can recommend you a game called: Bruce Lee Iron Fist (not Iron Man, ok?). This game is about tounament champion. Click here to download.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Funny masquerade sports competition

Do you know Masquerade? It's a great and funny Japanese show. This time, I'm going to share a masquerade video about sports. The participants perform very excellent. Let's watch!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Where to listen online and download Chinese mp3/wma?

Chinese music is one of the most popular search of music online. However, we often find broken links, which cannot let us download the songs. We can use Youtube and the downloader to download the songs. But it still quite difficult because you need to type the song you want to listen or download. If you want to listen to popular recent Top Rank music, you will have a difficulty in Youtube.

I know a website where it provides lots of Chinese music/song in mp3/wma. You can listen online or download it if you want. You can even download the Chinese song lyrics with pinyin. You can learn how to sing, too because the lyrics are highlighted when the singers sing and it's scrolled down slowly, like karaoke. There are two great categories that I like: Top Chinese Music in Month and Today's Top Chinese Songs. Click here to visit the website.

Lotus Pictures and Nice Song/Music

Buddhist music/songs are also my favorite. Usually I listen to Buddhist disc. I also download mp3 Sutra from websites (you can find the link on this blog, too). Just now, I found a link where there is also Heart Sutra sung in Mandarin but don't be disappointed if you can't listen to the Heart Sutra. The songs and music on the webpage seemed to be played sequentially. So, you might listen to other nice music though. On the page you can also see beautiful lotus pictures. There are quite a lot of such pictures. What a nice website indeed. Enjoy the pictures and the music. I hope you'll like it. Thanks to the webmaster.Here's the link: http://xcmwbjj.blog.163.com

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Jim Carry teaches Karate - funny video

Do you know Jim Carry? An actor who always acts in comedy. Here's a very funny video about how he teaches a woman karate. Instead of teaching karate, you'll see how Jim Carry is stabbed twice. The last parts of the video is the funniest to me. Listen carefully to what Jim Carry said. Better not learn karate from him.

Monkey Practising Martial Arts

Have you ever seen Karate Kid? What about Karate Monkey? Or perhaps Taekwondo Monkey? Never right?At the moment I found the video, reading the title, I suddenly thought of Monkey King in Journey to the West.
This video is such a funny one, and also a rare video showing animal practising martial arts. I'm not sure what it is practising, whether kungfu, karate or taekwondo... Anyway it's a great video to share with you. Let's watch...

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