Thursday, January 7, 2010

Collection of Funniest Cats video

Have you ever seen cats doing sports? A big cat walking funnily? A cat scaring a dog? A cat dancing? A cat climbing the wall? And many more. If you have never seen these before, this is the chance. The following video contains many funny things about cats. Enjoy it!

Collections of funny "Happy Birthday" songs

The following are different birthday songs. There are different style, from alien till monkey.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

知足是幸福 - Contentment is happiness

This song describes the difficulties of life people usually face. But the real meaning is to tell us that contentment can bring happiness. It's also a very nice song. The video which is in cartoon style is also nice.

The World is A Big Family - 世界是個大家庭 - (music video)

Here's another song by the Pureland Music singer of Singapore, Ke Pei Lei (柯佩磊). It's really a nice song which tells us to pray for the peace of the world. There is also Roman Text on the video, so you can sing along.

佛陀的愛 - The Love of the Buddha

This is a nice song sung and created by Singaporean Buddhist. The song is in Mandarin. When searching for one of the singer (柯佩磊 - ke pei lei), I found a version uploaded to Youtube which has Roman Text, so it's easier for those who don't really understand Chinese to learn how to sing the song.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Very Funny Ads - a site where you can watch everything funny

This is a site where collections of very funny ads, including those you never watch on TV (because it's in the group too hot for TV). There's always one funny advertisement played on the homepage. The funny ads are categorized from "animal" till "too hot for TV". There are also ads in kids group. You can also search according to the brands. The loading of the video is also very fast. Click here to visit the site.

Good Bye My School Day - A nice by Dreams Come True (video)

This is a nice Japanese song by Dreams Come True (DCT). It's one of the most famous group in Japan. Now, there are only two members in the group. One is Miwa Yoshida (吉田美和)and another one is Masato Nakamura (中村正人). The group is also called as Dorikamu. This song is also suitable to be played on graduation moment. Let's enjoy this song.

Here are other links to the same song with different MTV.

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