Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Tips for finding ideas for your blog

One of the problems that a blogger faces is finding ideas for blog contents. It's quite hard though if you are not a good writer. But it's still ways to write the contents. Some people say that writing is as easy as talking. Yes, perhaps it's like that. It's a matter of putting oral words into written words. So, where can we find the ideas?

You can try getting the contents from:

1. Your daily life experience
It's the easiest way. All you need to do is to retell your story happening in the morning, afternoon or evening (if you write at night)

2. Your life problems and solution
Writing your own life problems can also be something easy, but it sometimes seems quite boring to your reader. Putting in some motivational words will make it perfect. People need motivation to keep life going smooth.

3. Solve others' problems and write them in your blogs.
Hmm... This is the way with a lot of resource. There are problems and questions everywhere. From Yahoo! Answers to Forum, all are problems or questions that need solution.

4. Using Google Search or Yahoo Search and then click randomly, after that read and rewrite the contents. Of course, putting your own comment in your blog contents.

Ok, that's all for now. Can you think of more?
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