Sunday, November 15, 2009

Martial Arts Movie Actors Video Clip Compilation

Who doesn't know Bruce Lee? Who doesn't know Jet Lee? And also Jackie Chan, Donnie Yen, Sammo Hung and others martial artists. If you like them and want to watch their short clips collection which is compiled into one video clip, you click here to watch. It's a nice video which has many martial art actors. But it seems that the video also contains some funny fighting scenes. The video is on tudou site. If you want to watch it with faster buffering, download the tudou accellerator.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Tips for finding ideas for your blog

One of the problems that a blogger faces is finding ideas for blog contents. It's quite hard though if you are not a good writer. But it's still ways to write the contents. Some people say that writing is as easy as talking. Yes, perhaps it's like that. It's a matter of putting oral words into written words. So, where can we find the ideas?

You can try getting the contents from:

1. Your daily life experience
It's the easiest way. All you need to do is to retell your story happening in the morning, afternoon or evening (if you write at night)

2. Your life problems and solution
Writing your own life problems can also be something easy, but it sometimes seems quite boring to your reader. Putting in some motivational words will make it perfect. People need motivation to keep life going smooth.

3. Solve others' problems and write them in your blogs.
Hmm... This is the way with a lot of resource. There are problems and questions everywhere. From Yahoo! Answers to Forum, all are problems or questions that need solution.

4. Using Google Search or Yahoo Search and then click randomly, after that read and rewrite the contents. Of course, putting your own comment in your blog contents.

Ok, that's all for now. Can you think of more?

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Do you go abroad on holiday?

Going for holiday during school holiday is a very fun thing. But, there is something most of my friend consider when they want to take their children going abroad, especially travelling by airplane. They will consider that the tickets are much more expensive when it comes to the holiday season. This is because so many people are hurrying to get the tickets. But if you know how to book a ticket using internet before travelling, you perhaps can get cheaper tickets. Or you can choose to spend your holiday in your own town but in the most specific relaxation spot. Have you planned for your holiday?

Making pizza without oven

Actually I love pizza from the taste to the shape, especially the sticky cheese that makes its look so special. I especially love vegetarian pizza cause I don't eat meat. I've ever thought making home pizza, but I don't have an oven. Is it possible to make pizza without oven. I ever found tips on making pizza on the internet about making pizza without oven. Some tells us to use barbecue method (perhaps the grill). Others also use frying. We can adjust the heat in the oven, but how can we adjust using the barbecue grill or frying? If it's possible then I think we should control the heat very well otherwise it will be over-baked. Have you ever made a pizza?

Durian - the king of fruit, delicious or awful?

It's durian season again in my country. Everybody's selling and buying durian. Some said that Westerners don't like durians. They feel durians are awful. Actually it's different in taste to different people. But some have their reason for not eating too many durians. Why? Some of them think that durians will increase body heat. Not really good if you eat too much. But some also think that if you can really eat durians, it will also increase your body stamina. What do you think?

Friday, May 22, 2009

You Qing Ren Zhong Cheng Juan Shu - a nice Mandarin song

Another nice song by Zheng Yuan. Very suitable for wedding use. The title is "You Qing Ren Zhong Cheng Juan Shu" - 有情人终成眷属--郑源

A nice mandarin song - Bie Wen Wo Shi Shui

This is a nice old Mandarin song called "别问我是谁 Bie Wen Wo Shi Shui" (formerly sung by Linda Wong). But this one is a remastered one sung by 郑源 Zheng Yuan. It's really a nice song, especially the music from the piano. Enjoy!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Basic Lesson to Playing Piano

After searching for quite a while, I found this video. It's an introduction to how to play the piano from the basic lesson. This is so great. I never understand how our fingers move from a key to another to play the piano. And luckily I got this video from Youtube.

Make music box sounds with piano

Actually I love watching people playing the piano. But, I myself don't know how to play. When I am free, sometimes I will also search for "how to play piano/organ/keyboard" well. How much I wish I could play one day. Perhaps I would take up a music course especially on how to play the piano.

Today when browsing on the Youtube, I found a very nice video which tells us how to make music box sounds by using piano. Isn't it a great video? Well, let's watch!

Friday, April 24, 2009

Iron Man vs Bruce Lee animation video

Who doesn't know Bruce Lee? The famous martial art super star. We know that his fighting skill is really great. But what if Bruce Lee meets Iron Man? Can he beat Iron Man down? Well, this is of course impossible in real life. But with digital equipment and technique plus video editing software, you can do it. One of the most commonly used method of animation is called stop motion animation. Ok, let's see this video from Youtube.

Painting of Bruce Lee

Have you ever seen a painting of Bruce Lee? Well, if you say yes, it's still nothing uncommon. You can get his photo or picture easily on the internet. But when I was searching for Bruce videos at Youtube, I found this video. The artist uses his hand, palm, fist, and forehead to make the painting of Bruce Lee. This is the special part of the whole painting process. And result also looks very nice. Watch this video!

How to make a pizza

Do you like pizza? Want to learn how to make pizza? Well, here's a video on how to make pizza. Listen carefully as the chef explains to you! Oh, you'll probably laugh cause it looks like Indian pizza. Ha... ha... ha... Never mind. The most important is you get the recipe.

Different ways of counting money

This maybe a silly video about money, and nothing but silly. It's about how people in different countries in the world count money.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Cute Japanese Robot (Actroid) in Tokyo, Japan

Have you ever thought that a robot can talk and move like a real person? You'll never think that a robot can be so real. The following is a short video on cute Japanese robot in Tokyo International Robot Expo. Watch how she waves her hand and talk like a real person.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Caring others when dining together

One of the most common things people do when dating is having meal together. Usually men will say "No matter how busy, you still need to have lunch". This is a common phrase they would say to have meals with women they like.

When I was watching TV just now, I realized that the male actor was so caring. He noticed what the woman didn't like to eat and slowly, patiently moving the food toppings from the woman's plate to his plate. The woman was also surprised that they just knew each other, yet he cared even the little things.

Well, this is one of all the important things, but people usually don't take notice on. Although, this was shown on TV as dating scene, it should also be applied in our daily life for our parents. Parents have taken care of us since we were babies. They also take every notice on when we were young, giving us special care. But perhaps, we almost take no notice about their daily life. Do you understand what I am going to say? Yes, that's what we have forgotten - the filial piety.
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