Friday, May 27, 2011

Tic Tac Commercial

This is a cool commercial of Tic Tac, fresh mint sweets. In this commercial you can see Sarah Lian and Henry Golding. It also has great video effect in here. I don't find anything funny about this commercial video, except the ending part of the video.

Funny Fat Woman Dancing on Stripper Pole

Have you ever seen a fat woman dancing on a stripper pole? On this video, this woman was impatiently rushing into the house and getting ready to dance on a stripper pole. I think she should go diet before performing the dance. See funny thing happen to her.

Disney's Fairy Tale Weddings & Honeymoons Commercial

This Disney's video has a saying "Anything you can imagine, we can bring to life". Indeed, wedding and honeymoon are great things in life. This is a commercial on Disney's Fairy Tale Wedding and Honeymoon. You will feel yourself like a princess. Are you going to have your wedding at Disney? If you worry about the cost, then start saving money now.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Cadbury Kids Eyebrows Dance Commercial

Do you know Cadbury Chocolates? Well, the Cadbury has very funny and silly commercial which shows two kids moving their eyebrows up and down. You can call it eyebrow dance with Cadbury music. Some people might find it silly, but some might find it funny. Ok, let's watch this Cadbury Chocolate Commercial.

Funny Rejoice Shampoo Commercial (Hong Kong commercial)

This is a funny commercial which promotes the Rejoice Shampoo. It's in Cantonese, so I believe that it's a Hong Kong commercial. You know that almost every shampoo company declares that after using their shampoo, you'll get very healthy smooth and silky hair. Indeed that's what every girl wants. Maybe because of this reason, the commercial was made in this way, showing how silky and smooth the hair is. See the funny and awkward situation in this funny shampoo commercial.

Etoro Funny Forex Trading Commercial

Do you e-Toro? It's a forex trading company which also serves online. When you need to get trading on forex, you can visit the website. But, if you are not interested, that's ok. In fact, I just want to share a funny forex video with you. This funny forex trading commercial is a video which the background scene took place in stone age. Let's watch this funny commercial about forex!

Funny Acupuncture Commercial

Have even done acupuncture treatment? How does it feel? Well, I am not going to tell you about acupuncture or anything about Chinese Traditional Medice (TCM). I just found a funny commercial which acupuncture treatment is in the process while a dangerous thing happened. Let's see what's funny about this acupuncture commercial!

ASUS EEE PC commercial

ASUS EEE PC is one of the most famous netbook of the world. ASUS is a brand of Taiwan Computer Manufacturer. Since ASUS EEE PC entered the market, it has brought a lot of convenience in portable internet browsing. With the first released which is a 7-inch netbook, it starts to introduce netbook to kids who love internet browsing. Not only kids love it, even teens and adults love it. Here's one of ASUS EEE PC commercial.

How to draw manga eyes

Do you know how to draw the eyes of characters just like those in a Japanese manga? I found an easy tutorial on how to draw manga eyes easily from a cartoon drawing tutorial website. They will teach you how to draw it step-by-step. Click here to visit the website!

Funny Ameriquest Commercial - Hospital Commercial

This is another funny commercial which takes scene in a hospital. The commercial tells you something very important, which is Mind Your Words. Sometimes words spoken at the wrong moment will result in big misunderstanding or maybe it will bring you a big trouble, especially when you say something inappropriate at  hospital. Let's watch this funny hospital commercial!

CWI Medical Commercial

Looking for Funny Commercial? Well, this is a funny commercial on CWI Medical. In this video, you'll see two men, discharged from hospital in different ways. See how funny it is.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

What's wrong with those who use computer mouse for long time

This is a funny commercial. In this commercial, you will see the man putting his habit in using computer into his everyday life overly. This is a dangerous thing if it happens to you. Your relationship will be broken. See what the man do to his girlfriend, when he holds her hand. You'll be surprise with this crazy funny commercial.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Rare Clip of Wudang skill

Wudang is one of the world's oldest kungfu sect. As far as I can remember, when I was a child, I also heard about Shaolin, Wudang and Emei. These are three big sects of Chinese martial arts. Or perhaps we can say that they are historical and sometimes seems legendary although their martial arts are real and the martial art theory is very scientifical. When you don't know, you call it a mystery. When you know it already, you call it super science.

Well, talking back about Wudang skill. I just found a video clip which is said to be the rare video showing how they practise the skill. In this video, you can watch how a Wudang taoist jump very high, climb up the wall with very fast speed. You can also see them practising using weapon or empty-hand combat. Really a must-see video for all who loves Chinese Martial Arts, especially Wudang skill.

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