Saturday, June 13, 2009

Do you go abroad on holiday?

Going for holiday during school holiday is a very fun thing. But, there is something most of my friend consider when they want to take their children going abroad, especially travelling by airplane. They will consider that the tickets are much more expensive when it comes to the holiday season. This is because so many people are hurrying to get the tickets. But if you know how to book a ticket using internet before travelling, you perhaps can get cheaper tickets. Or you can choose to spend your holiday in your own town but in the most specific relaxation spot. Have you planned for your holiday?

Making pizza without oven

Actually I love pizza from the taste to the shape, especially the sticky cheese that makes its look so special. I especially love vegetarian pizza cause I don't eat meat. I've ever thought making home pizza, but I don't have an oven. Is it possible to make pizza without oven. I ever found tips on making pizza on the internet about making pizza without oven. Some tells us to use barbecue method (perhaps the grill). Others also use frying. We can adjust the heat in the oven, but how can we adjust using the barbecue grill or frying? If it's possible then I think we should control the heat very well otherwise it will be over-baked. Have you ever made a pizza?

Durian - the king of fruit, delicious or awful?

It's durian season again in my country. Everybody's selling and buying durian. Some said that Westerners don't like durians. They feel durians are awful. Actually it's different in taste to different people. But some have their reason for not eating too many durians. Why? Some of them think that durians will increase body heat. Not really good if you eat too much. But some also think that if you can really eat durians, it will also increase your body stamina. What do you think?
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