Friday, April 24, 2009

Iron Man vs Bruce Lee animation video

Who doesn't know Bruce Lee? The famous martial art super star. We know that his fighting skill is really great. But what if Bruce Lee meets Iron Man? Can he beat Iron Man down? Well, this is of course impossible in real life. But with digital equipment and technique plus video editing software, you can do it. One of the most commonly used method of animation is called stop motion animation. Ok, let's see this video from Youtube.

Painting of Bruce Lee

Have you ever seen a painting of Bruce Lee? Well, if you say yes, it's still nothing uncommon. You can get his photo or picture easily on the internet. But when I was searching for Bruce videos at Youtube, I found this video. The artist uses his hand, palm, fist, and forehead to make the painting of Bruce Lee. This is the special part of the whole painting process. And result also looks very nice. Watch this video!

How to make a pizza

Do you like pizza? Want to learn how to make pizza? Well, here's a video on how to make pizza. Listen carefully as the chef explains to you! Oh, you'll probably laugh cause it looks like Indian pizza. Ha... ha... ha... Never mind. The most important is you get the recipe.

Different ways of counting money

This maybe a silly video about money, and nothing but silly. It's about how people in different countries in the world count money.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Cute Japanese Robot (Actroid) in Tokyo, Japan

Have you ever thought that a robot can talk and move like a real person? You'll never think that a robot can be so real. The following is a short video on cute Japanese robot in Tokyo International Robot Expo. Watch how she waves her hand and talk like a real person.

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