Thursday, September 29, 2011

Key Shinee teaches Korean : how to get discount in Korean

Have you ever been to Korea? If you are deciding to go to Korea for the first time, you'd better learn some basic Korean. One of the most common thing you do when you go shopping is asking for discount, isn't? Well, while searching for things about discount, I found a video about learning how to get discount in Korean.

I think you know "Key Shinee". On this video, he's been invited to a Taiwan Entertainment program. They asked him to teach them how to ask for discount. And he said the word "jom-ssage-haejuseyo" which means "Can you give me a discount?". And he said that "facial expression" is important when asking for a discount in Korean. Let's see how Key Shinee teaches Korean.

How much is the salary of a fashion designer?

Talking about jobs, people will usually think of salary first. How much does one in a working field earn? Then, people will ask about the time duration of working. These are two commonly ask questions about jobs.

Well, let's discuss about the salary of a fashion designer? How do they earn the money? This post wasn't made unpurposely. It's just because I found it on youtube while searching for fashion game tutorial. But, I think it's still alright to post about it. Maybe, some of readers would love to know about the salary of a fashion designer.

Fashion designer can work in a team and also they can work as freelance independently for themselves. Of course, this will affect the earnings, right? If you are looking for this topic, I suggest you watch this video about fashion designer's salary by Olive Page. She's a fashion designer at Wilmington who showed her collection recently by Olive J.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

1996 Bruce Lee Commercial Energy Drink

Has Bruce Lee ever starred in a commercial? I don't think so. But the truth is 1996 on Japanese energy drink commercial, you can see him acting in the commercial showing his great martial arts. Then, you must think that it was done using computer technology.

If you have ever seen his movie "Way of the Dragon", and you ever noticed that his movements in the commercial, were actually used in the commercial. This was made possible using "super-imposition" technique. So, this means that Bruce Lee was not really acting for it, but was just put in the commercial.

It's still a nice commercial, though for those who still love Bruce Lee and his great movie, "Way of the Dragon".

Monday, September 26, 2011

Michelle Chia Maxi Cash Singapore Commercial

Nowadays, pawn shop has become a popular business in the world especially Asia. In Singapore, there's a pawn shop group which has many branches spread over Singapore. It's Maxi Cash. They have paid Michelle Chia to be the model of their pawn shop commercial.

Michelle Chia is one of Singapore popular artiste who is not only good at acting, but also has receives many commercial deals. And one of her commercial is Maxi Cash pawn shop.

TummiTrim Commercial by Singapore Celebrity Michelle Chong

Are you thinking about going diet? What's the best way to burn fat and stay healthy? If there's a good way to stay slim and you can still enjoy your favorite food, isn't it a good thing? Well, there many slimming products and slimming center on the market, and most of them are even sold online.

When turning on the TV, you will usually see commercial on slimming products by many world-class models or celebrities. Singapore TummiTrim slimming product is one of those slimming commercial. Do you know Michelle Chong? She's an actor and also the model for TummiTrim slimming product. Watch Michelle Chong, the Singapore Mediacorp artiste for this commercial video.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Monkey King Dislocating Head - a magic performance on China's Got Talent

A guy from Shanghai attended the China's Got Talent and performed a magic trick "Dislocating Head". He dressed like the main character, The Monkey King from Journey to the West. He named the magic as "Monkey King Dislocating Head". I think I have seemed this kind of magic before on a Taiwan magic show program and also on English channel.

What makes the judges to say "Yes" for his magic performance was not only his magic show, but he said that if he was given "Yes", he would perform another magic on the next coming one. He would throw his head out. Hmm, this head throwing out show is what makes us curious. How could one perform such magic trick? Let's watch this Head Dislocating magic first.

Perhaps, you have ever seen people who can perform martial arts weapon using darts, daggers or knives. But have you ever seen real person who can use ordinary poker cards to cut cucumbers into parts?

A 25-year-old Chinese guy called Bai Deng Chun performs his Chinese martial arts using ordinary cards. He throws his cards at cucumbers to cut them into parts. He said that he could throw up to 50 metres distance. That's what he said and performed in China's Got Talent. He got great applause from the audience and the judges.

Funny Chinese Dancing Robots on China's Got Talent

The China's Got Talent Show has newcomers which are not humans, but robots. They are funny dancing robots which can also speak and answer questions. This is something about artificial technology. Not only Japan develops robots, but now China also develops robots technology. But, robots that take parts in talent show, I bet you have never seen. Maybe this is the first time, dancing robots take part in Chinese Talent Show.

Chinese Pipeman Show : China Got Talent Show

Have you ever seen a dance show using huge flexible pipe? On China's Got Talent Show, you can see a 17-year-old handsome boy performing Pipe Man Dance. He stays inside a huge flexible pipe and then put himself into dancing. That's a creative and funny dance I've ever seen. It looks like a caterpillar crawling here and there.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Johnny English Reborn - Official Trailer HD

Are you searching for the new movie by Rowan Atkinson (Mr Bean), "Johnny English Reborn"? Well, you probably won't get it yet, but why not watch the trailer first? In fact, I don't think people will care about the title, or whatever inside the story. People will be very keen to watch it just because it's a movie starred by Rowan Atkinson. Who doesn't know Mr Bean, the famous English comedian?

To me, I just love to watch all videos of Mr Bean, especially the movie version. Although, Rowan Atkinson doesn't play the role of Mr Bean in this movie, but the funny acting of Mr Bean is still there. Are you ready to watch Johnny English Reborn?

Bountiful Blessings Scene of Episode 2 - Kurt chatting with Little Chime

Here's a video clip from the Singapore Local Drama called "Bountiful Blessings" 萬福樓 wan fu lou. This scene is about the chatting between Kurt / Fu Yuan and Little Chime / Tianqing. Whenever Tianqing feels down, she would listen to Kurt's songs. At first, she didn't know that Kurt was actually Fu Yuan. They then fall in love with each other.

Do you know that the songs sung by Fu Yuan in the Bountiful Blessings drama were in fact sung by Hagen Troy (Chen Meng Qi)? Well, one of the best songs in the drama is "You are my Heaven" 我是你的天空. This song was in fact written by Hagen Troy for Ou De Yang "Ocean". But this one was sung by Hagen Troy himself.

You may also visit Bountiful Blessings official webpage for more details.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

World's Gurning Championship 2011 Winner

People love entertainment. And gurning has become one of the weirdest and funniest entertainment. It is also taken into competition. Recently on 17 September 2011, at Egremont, Cumbria Crab Fair, was held the World's Gurning Championship. The contestants compete to pull the most hideous face through a braffin (horse-collar). And this time, the champion was Tommy Mattinson. It was held in memory of Danica Maxwell. Let's see how funny they are.

Funny conversation between two chatbots / chat robots

Artificial Intelligence has been applied on robots nowadays. Those robots are not dulls at all. They can be programmed to talk like human beings, although sometimes they do make funny things that make you laugh. Robot that can talk is called chatbots. In fact, what make them think and speak is just the logic program inside them.

Here's a video showing the dialogue of two chatbots. Their conversations may seem logical at first, sometimes they make sense. But after talking for a while you can notice that they are talking nonsense. No matter how good they speak, they are just result of artificial intelligence, nowdays.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Bountiful Blessings (Wan Fu Lou) Showreel Video (萬福樓精彩片段)

Bountiful Blessings (萬福樓) is a Singapore local drama which is about the story of a restaurant which the lady boss of this restaurant faces a lot of problems. This drama is also quite motivational because even though she faces so many problems, she never gives up hope. We can learn how to live simply in hard times. This drama also shows true love and the importance of family togetherness. I wish that everyone who watches this drama will find true love and enjoy the happiness of family.

Here's the list of the cast in the drama which I found at Wikipedia. Who is your favorite actor/actress? I still prefer Jessica Hsuan's role as the lady boss who never gives up when problems arise. And also "Tay Ping Hui" who manages to turn laziness into diligence.

Jessica Hsuan as Huang Fu Xi
Tay Ping Hui as Xie Dong Hai
Thomas Ong as Tong Da Feng
Ann Kok as Liang Pin Hong
San Yow as Kitchen God/ Zhang Dan
Koh Yah Hwee as Tong Tian Qing
Jeffrey Xu as Huang Fu Yuan
Romeo Tan as Ah Bang
Zhu Hou Ren as Huang Er Hu
Adam Chen as Morning
Hong Hui Fang as E Jie
May Phua as Ying Ying
Ye Shi Pin as Kaya
Yuan Shuai as Roy

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Top 10 Largest Animals In the World

What do you think might be the largest animal? An elephant? Or a whale? Well, here's a video showing you the world's largest animals from insects categories to sea creatures. Compare them yourself.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Eu Yan Sang Lingzhi Capsules Commercial

Eu Yan Sang is a trusted and well-known group of TCM in Singapore. It has many TCM clinics in Singapore. Not only they give Chinese medical treatment, but they also sell health products which are from natural Chinese herbs and produced in a modern way. Those Chinese health products include ginseng, lingzhi, birdnest, many other popular Chinese herbs.

I remembered that I ever watched a funny commercial on TV from Eu Yan Sang ”余仁生“ which promotes lingzhi capsules. Do you how beneficial is the lingzhi to our health? Watch this commercial to find out more about lingzhi.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

What's special about Mc Donalds commercial?

Japanese commercial has always come up with fresh and unusual idea on their products promotion. Mc Donald in Japan is also very popular. But have you ever seen the commercial? What's the different among Mc Donald fast food commercial in other countries? Well, they use female model with long hair as the Mc Donald character.

Can you entrust your package delivery to animals, especially birds?

I am going to show you two funny video commercial from FedEx which I think very funny. Both videos use animals as the main characters. What would happen when animals are used in package delivery? In former times, people used to use pigeons as messenger. And what if robot birds are used today? You'll laugh when you watch both videos.

The first one is about Prehistoric package delivery by prehistoric animals.

And the second is about mess in a company that uses robot birds for the delivery. See all the mess on the street created by those birds.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Korean guy who confess his love to Malay girl

Perhaps, you've never seen this before. Korean guy who confess his love to a Malay girl in a TV chat show. This program seems to be intended for match-making between Korean guy and girls with many different nationality. Don't be surprise when you see this. It's an open program so that people of different nationality can join it.

You may also think that Malay girl (from Malaysia) is quite lucky to have been chosen by the Korean guy. If you believe in fate, there's nothing special because fate or destiny has brought them together from afar to meet there.

On the video, you can also see their first time dating after the dating show.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

What is Mesothelioma?

Mesothelioma is a rare cancer linked to asbestos exposure. In fact, I don't know much about it. But, when I was at youtube, I suddenly thought of this word, and tried to find the video about it. In fact, this is just a simple commercial video about Mesothelioma law in the USA. You'll also find about how it's treated. From this video, you'll know that there are three kinds of treatment for mesothelioma: radiation, chemotheraphy and surgery.

Funny Huggies Diaper Commercial

Babies can be sometimes very naughty, too. And they may also give you surprises. One of the surprises is when you change diapers for them. And changing diaper may also give you laughter.

On TV, you may watch many commercials about babies, especially the diaper one. Huggies Diaper company has a funny commercial on baby product, the diaper. See how funny the baby pees like a fire engine hose squirts. What a funny diaper commercial.

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