Sunday, September 18, 2011

Bountiful Blessings (Wan Fu Lou) Showreel Video (萬福樓精彩片段)

Bountiful Blessings (萬福樓) is a Singapore local drama which is about the story of a restaurant which the lady boss of this restaurant faces a lot of problems. This drama is also quite motivational because even though she faces so many problems, she never gives up hope. We can learn how to live simply in hard times. This drama also shows true love and the importance of family togetherness. I wish that everyone who watches this drama will find true love and enjoy the happiness of family.

Here's the list of the cast in the drama which I found at Wikipedia. Who is your favorite actor/actress? I still prefer Jessica Hsuan's role as the lady boss who never gives up when problems arise. And also "Tay Ping Hui" who manages to turn laziness into diligence.

Jessica Hsuan as Huang Fu Xi
Tay Ping Hui as Xie Dong Hai
Thomas Ong as Tong Da Feng
Ann Kok as Liang Pin Hong
San Yow as Kitchen God/ Zhang Dan
Koh Yah Hwee as Tong Tian Qing
Jeffrey Xu as Huang Fu Yuan
Romeo Tan as Ah Bang
Zhu Hou Ren as Huang Er Hu
Adam Chen as Morning
Hong Hui Fang as E Jie
May Phua as Ying Ying
Ye Shi Pin as Kaya
Yuan Shuai as Roy

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