Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Funny Japanese Commercial - Norika Fujiwara

This Japanese model and actress, Noriko Fujiwara has a funny commercial. It's a Japanese phone commercial. Let's watch. Norika Fujiwara is also dancing with ten men in this commercial video. See her beautiful smile with great dance along.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Stefanie Sun's (孙燕姿) new commercial on Chinese Health Product

Who doesn't Stefanie Sun, the famous Singaporean singer who ever received many singer awards. She is not only a good singer. Recently, I watched her on a commercial video on Chinese Health Product by GNC. The product is a kind of healthy herbal drink of cordyceps (冬虫草) and ganoderma lucidum (灵芝) with peach flavor.

You can imagine that it's a tasty and healthy Chinese herbal drink, just like chicken essence. Moreover, it's also suitable for vegetarian who has weak stamina because Cordyceps and Ganoderma Lucidum are good for people with poor appetite and weak stamina.

The funniest body language video

A funny video from The Sketch Show about body language. How do you say 50% chicken using body language? Watch how it's said on this video. The man shows very funny body languages. The moments he translates every sentence of the woman's speaking, he seems to make mistakes that the woman feels annoyed  about his body language translation. He even made a few times of serious mistakes. He hit the woman's head a few times. What a funny video about body language translation mistakes.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Funny Commercial about kid's behaviour

This is actually a funny commercial about snack. But in this video, you'll see a kid want to buy a snack which his father forbids. The funny and headache thing happens when the kid shouts and cries loudly in the supermarket. Being parents, I believe you will be at lost, unless you have experience in handling such situation. This video is just a commercial. Wish that this never happens in real life.It's not easy being parents, though.

Funny Translator Video

Translators sometimes might make mistakes, but they won't make mistakes like the woman in the following video. She is a translator, but the truth is that she pokes at the guests. She makes silly and funny sounds.I don't understand what she said actually. It's just a silly and funny video about a translator. Her boss is having a headache with her such manner. You will also hear a sentence that you will understand at the end of the translation. She said, "This is not my sandwich."

A Funny Video about the Fun Science of "Sound"

This is a funny video showing how to sound is made from your brain to your tongue. You'll see simple and funny illustration about the sound, the vibration and the wave. It's a funny song singing with guitar.You'll also learn a little about the five senses.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Ayumi Hamasaki Morinaga Almond Chocolate Candy Commercial

Here's another post on Ayumi Hamasaki commercial. This time it's about Morinaga Almond Chocolate Candy. This commercial takes place in a sushi restaurant where she mistook a sea urchin for an almond nut. She also looks so beautiful in her blonde hair. And the almond chocolate candy also seems so tasty.

Uudam (乌达木-Wudamu) Children's Day Special Interview (儿童节专访 - er tong jie zhuan fang )

Still remember my previous post on Wudamu, the Mongolian boy who sang beautifully on "China's Got Talent" programme? Click here if you haven't read my previous post. This post is about the special interview for Uudam on Children's Day. You'll get to know more about his personal life through this video.

Ayumi Hamasaki Japanese Donut Commercial

Who doesn't know Ayumi Hamasaki, the Japanese pop singer? Just found one of her Japanese Donut Commercial. I found it quite nice and share it here.

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