Friday, May 22, 2009

You Qing Ren Zhong Cheng Juan Shu - a nice Mandarin song

Another nice song by Zheng Yuan. Very suitable for wedding use. The title is "You Qing Ren Zhong Cheng Juan Shu" - 有情人终成眷属--郑源

A nice mandarin song - Bie Wen Wo Shi Shui

This is a nice old Mandarin song called "别问我是谁 Bie Wen Wo Shi Shui" (formerly sung by Linda Wong). But this one is a remastered one sung by 郑源 Zheng Yuan. It's really a nice song, especially the music from the piano. Enjoy!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Basic Lesson to Playing Piano

After searching for quite a while, I found this video. It's an introduction to how to play the piano from the basic lesson. This is so great. I never understand how our fingers move from a key to another to play the piano. And luckily I got this video from Youtube.

Make music box sounds with piano

Actually I love watching people playing the piano. But, I myself don't know how to play. When I am free, sometimes I will also search for "how to play piano/organ/keyboard" well. How much I wish I could play one day. Perhaps I would take up a music course especially on how to play the piano.

Today when browsing on the Youtube, I found a very nice video which tells us how to make music box sounds by using piano. Isn't it a great video? Well, let's watch!

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