Thursday, September 29, 2011

How much is the salary of a fashion designer?

Talking about jobs, people will usually think of salary first. How much does one in a working field earn? Then, people will ask about the time duration of working. These are two commonly ask questions about jobs.

Well, let's discuss about the salary of a fashion designer? How do they earn the money? This post wasn't made unpurposely. It's just because I found it on youtube while searching for fashion game tutorial. But, I think it's still alright to post about it. Maybe, some of readers would love to know about the salary of a fashion designer.

Fashion designer can work in a team and also they can work as freelance independently for themselves. Of course, this will affect the earnings, right? If you are looking for this topic, I suggest you watch this video about fashion designer's salary by Olive Page. She's a fashion designer at Wilmington who showed her collection recently by Olive J.

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