Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Where to listen online and download Chinese mp3/wma?

Chinese music is one of the most popular search of music online. However, we often find broken links, which cannot let us download the songs. We can use Youtube and the downloader to download the songs. But it still quite difficult because you need to type the song you want to listen or download. If you want to listen to popular recent Top Rank music, you will have a difficulty in Youtube.

I know a website where it provides lots of Chinese music/song in mp3/wma. You can listen online or download it if you want. You can even download the Chinese song lyrics with pinyin. You can learn how to sing, too because the lyrics are highlighted when the singers sing and it's scrolled down slowly, like karaoke. There are two great categories that I like: Top Chinese Music in Month and Today's Top Chinese Songs. Click here to visit the website.
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