Monday, June 27, 2011

Alex Wong and Twitch (Twilex) Top 9 Hip Hop to NappyTab

On the TV dance program "So You Think You Can Dance", Alex Wong, a 22-year old ballet dancer from Miami, FL. together with Twitch received a great applause from audience and the judges. Never expected that the judges would say something like the greatest applause or the longest applause in "So You Think You Can Dance".

Alex Wong is actually from Vancouver, Canada with Miami, FL city ballet. He's a professional ballet dancer who participated in the program and performed hip hop with the greatest applause ever. He took on Tabitha and Napoleon D’umo's hiphop routine. Tabitha and Napoleon Dumo are choreographers also called as NappyTab.

This video consists of two videos of dance by Alex himself and another one with Twitch. Watch Alex Wong great and amazing hip hop dance performance on this show. You can also listen to the background music RULE THE PLANET: PLANET OF THE APES (soundtrack) on the first video. And OUTTA YOUR MIND on the second video. Click here for the video.
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