Saturday, June 11, 2011

How many Bruce Lee clone actors have your ever seen?

Are you a Bruce Lee fan? If you are, I think you must have ever watch Jason Scott Lee who acts in Dragon, a movie that epics parts of Bruce Lee's life many years ago. About three years ago, there was a serial movie that really tells you biography of Bruce Lee from his teenage till his death. Remember that movie starred by Danny Chan, a Hong Kong martial art actor? In fact, this movie was produced by a China movie company although Danny Cha is a Hong Kong actor.

And many years ago, David Wu, a Hong Kong star has also starred a serial movie about Bruce Lee, which seemed to be a lot different from the recently Danny Chan's version.

Some movies produced by Bruce Lee himself also ever reproduced with a little different in the title by many movie producers. And then acted by Sammo Hung, Donny Yen, Jet Lee and other martial art actors.

If you want more information about the clone actors of Bruce Lee, you may click here.
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