Sunday, June 12, 2011

Funny Piano Stairs

Do you take the stairs or the escalators? I think more people will take escalators when they are not in a hurry? Perhaps they think it's convenient enough when they don't have to walk or run up the stairs which save them lots of energy. Maybe walking in the shopping mall is tiring.

Taking the escalators probably has become a very common thing, you can call it a habit. But, people who live nowadays in hectic daily, when try to take the stairs to go up, may probably call as doing exercise, too. If you work as a blue collar, perhaps you don't have much time doing exercises. But, why not walking up the stairs to do exercise.

I think when people find that walking up the stairs have a different way to do, they will probably try the stairs. And that's mean we need creativity and innovation on making the stairs more fun.

Here's a funny video about Piano Stairs, which means every step of the staircase will produce a tune. When you walk or run up the stairs, you also make tunes. Or you can say that you are also creating music by walking up the stairs using the great piano. How can you create music with this giant piano stairs?

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