Wednesday, June 15, 2011

"Palace - The Locked Heart Jade" (宫 - 锁心玉) - free watch online / download

Recently, on TVBS programme, there's a great drama serial. The title is "Palace - The Locked Heart Jade" (宫 - 锁心玉 - Gong - Suo Xin Yu). This drama serial is categorized in historical drama, science fiction, romance genre. I love watching historical romance of ancient China especially when it has the taste of Science Fiction. 

When I watched it just for a while, it suddenly reminded me of "A step into the past" (尋秦記 - Qun Qin Jin), a famous drama serial starred by Louis Ku (古天樂Gu Tian Le) about travelling to the Qin dynasty era. And also reminded me of another movie of the western called "Back to the Future". Perhaps this is the Chinese version of "Back To The Future" in drama serial. That's what I think,  even though they have different plot and background.

So, are you keen on searching where you can watch online or where you can download "Palace - The Locked Heart Jade" drama serial? 

You can watch this drama on Tudou. Click here for the playlist of this drama. If you haven't installed Tudou Accelerator, click here to download the Tudou video accelerator program, so that you can watch it smoothly. The program will boost your internet video streaming.

You can also watch on Youtube by typing "锁心玉1"  on the search box. Then for the episode, you can just change the episode number. And then click on the thumbnail to start watching. You can also download it with your Youtube downloader.

Here's episode 1 of “Palace - The Locked Heart Jade” from Youtube.

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