Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year 2012: Presenting New Year songs for you all

First January 2012, and people are still celebrating happily for this day. Hoping that in this 2012 everyone will have their happiness and prosperity. Indeed, it's a worldly celebration.

I would like to share a song with everyone and give my deepest greetings to you all, my blog readers. As long as we live happily and the world is at peace, I think that's all enough. The current world seems to be in danger and probably there are people who live with unhappiness, worries and sorrow everyday. Let's pray for the world and people around the world, wishing happiness, health and wisdom in this 2012.

Here are some new year songs I found on Youtube. Hope you will like them. Happy new year 2012.

Mandarin Dragon Year Song

English Song

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