Sunday, December 14, 2008

My Strange Dream

This morning, when I was sleeping I dreamed of a young boy playing in front of the altar of a Chinese deity. I couldn't remember which deity was it in my dream. Actually, it's not a dream about the deity I was going to tell you.

I saw the boy playing something like "flying weapon" (which was used in former times). It was an object tied at the end of a rope. He threw the so called object and pulled it back in front of the altar. I didn't know why I spoke to the young boy and told him something. Do you know what I told him in the dream?

I told him that we should give respect to anyone, of course including the deity in the dream. I even used "incense offering and lighting up candles" as examples. I told him that offering incense was actually mean that we respect them and to spread the spirit of struggling for our country. This is because most of the deities in Chinese tradition were actually great people or heroes who had sacrificed their life and had done great dedication for their nation and country.

I even told the boy about lighting up candles which used in praying. "Lighting up candles" means "sacrificing oneself" for other sake. I suddenly remembered Master Chin Kung. In his sermons, he always said "burning itself" (he means the candles) and "brightening up others". That's the spirit of candles. Never thinking of oneself, but always thinking of others. Easier said than done. But this is really precious and meaningful words of wisdom.

Very weird, indeed why I had such dream and spoke such words. Perhaps, a dream is a great database of huge information stored in our mind which could appeared anytime when the time is ripe during our sleeping time. Seems quite profound. Maybe not. Ha... ha... ha...
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